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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Oh To Be Thrifting Again - A Week of Treasures

I have definitely made up for lost time.

Having been sick since the beginning of April, I have been off the hunt and not liking it! And if you know how us thrifters are, and if you follow the thrifter's creed that I spoke about here, you know that we can't go long without a fix at the local thrift.

My first trip out, still dazed from sickness, was originally for the need to get groceries. Why not make a stop at the local Goodwill? I stopped there first in case I couldn't make it to both. I was willing to forfeit food for the hunt. So glad I did!

A red Rubbermaid dish rack. A 70's made in USA Coca Cola pitcher. A hand painted and signed wooden Chesire cat. A silver plate baby bank and a cute baby photo/trinket box. Three green chalkboards to practice your cursive and a camping sandwich iron.
Look at that face....

The next day I had to make a run to another grocery store, which just happens to be conveniently located by my favorite thrift store. I stopped by and scored again.

Three ironstone pitchers marked USA on the bottom in graduated sizes. The first one in line is mine from my collecting days in the 1980's. I just may have to keep the next three. They will stay in line on my shelf till I decide.

The cute ironstone pitcher on the scale is loaded with crazing with a tea stained looking patina. It may be a keeper also.

I have been wanting a model car from 1957, the year I was born. Don't know why, but I do. When I saw this sleek, yellow 1957 Chevy Bel Air convertible I had to put it in my cart. Didn't even see the grunge all over it I will have to painstakingly clean off. Or some of the tiny missing parts. For now it will sit in my Etsy room on the top of my cupboard along with the other things that are so me!

I saw potential in this wooden mail box. The back is solid pine. My plan is to paint it because I haven't learned my lesson yet that I struggle way too much painting items to up-cycle them. I couldn't pass it up. Maybe it will come out great!

Even though it was snowing and in the 30's this morning I was at the local church rummage sale by 8:45 a.m. to get my place in line. I was in and out of there in 5 minutes with these three fabulous vintage suitcases. The dark blue train case and suitcase are Lady Baltimore and the light blue train case is Amelia Earhart. So happy to have found these that I treated myself to a cinnamon scone at the baked sale.

Three days in a row of great finds.

I can go back now to being sick. I need a nap.

Check my Etsy shop for any of these items as I will be working on listing them. Except the ones I'm maybe keeping, of course!

AnnMarie xoxo

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Pretty Hangers - a DIY

One of my favorite blogs, My Salvaged Treasures, hosted by Betsy, had the cutest DIY that I knew I could actually do! She called them Dressed Up Hangers.

She is using the hangers to display vintage photos...great idea!
I have been collecting the vintage pant and skirt clamp hangers to sell in my Etsy shop and they are quite popular. One customer told me she wanted them to display vintage clothing in her shop. They are great to display cross stitch, doilies, artwork and as you can see, photos.

I have promoted them this way in my listings but never thought to decorate the hanger itself until I saw Betsy's post!

I rummaged through my bags of vintage lace and doilies, my huge stash of vintage buttons and anything else I could find on the top of my craft room desk.

This is my version on her great idea....

The first one I made I used burlap with a little fringe and a burlap flower I had already made.

I simply cut the burlap to fit and glued it in across the front of the hanger with the best glue I'll ever use (no smell!)....
You can find it at Walmart!

The fringe on the next hanger is leftover from last year's project and with a few vintage mother of pearl buttons, it is simple with a little flair.

This floral lace is so pretty and shows just enough of the hanger through it to make it a pretty background. The button is a heavy gold cast vintage button.
I recently took the lace valance down from my bathroom window and it fell apart in my hands! It made me feel a little better about cutting it up for this next hanger. I wrapped the pretty cotton lace a little over the edges of  the hanger. The pretty floral embellishment is actually a brooch from Avon.
I played around a little bit with ways to use the hangers around my house. I love this one on the door in my kitchen. It can be changed out with the seasons.
The rustic burlap blends so nicely with the chippy chair that I thought it looked cute just hanging there.
I love hanging things on the glass doorknobs of the many pocket doors in my house. This one blends in with the room and would look cute with the right doily or vintage photo on it.

From this....
To this....
....in very little time, some scrap pieces and a little glue....who knew?
Betsy did and I am so glad she shared her pretty hangers with us! Here is another look at her dressed up hangers with doilies....
Visit her blog My Salvaged Treasures for other pretty projects and treasures that she posts about regularly.
All of my newly decorated hangers are available in my shop on the sidebar.
AnnMarie xoxo
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Monday, March 30, 2015

Bunny Accents

As my husband walked through the house today he commented on how he liked all the bunnies I had placed around. I hadn't planned on decorating for Spring or Easter, I just love having my bunny collection out this time of year. His comment made me realize that a few little bunnies as accents here and there can create a Spring-y, Easter feeling.

As you'll see, my decorating style reflects country/primitive, to industrial, to Victorian, to vintage and Traditional.

I have a bunny for that.

In the center of the kitchen island I put a ceramic lettuce bowl with bunnies popping out the top onto my quilted placemat. Just enough cuteness.

I let my Peter Rabbit trinket jar hang out with the vintage scale on the top of the fridge.


 A smaller Peter Rabbit salt shaker keeps the vintage green bottle and toy iron company.

In the dining room on my pie safe cupboard hangs a pipe cleaner bunny. He's holding a pink egg.

Ten bunnies are hanging on my favorite corner cupboard, made from die cut wooden bunnies I found on Etsy.

On the top of my large mustard cupboard is a handmade chalkware bunny and another Peter Rabbit!
In the parlor on one end of the window seat I changed out the glass jar from winter décor to a ceramic bunny from the '80's with some glass and handpainted eggs on a bed of pink grass. The large pink bunny was a find last year from a local thrift store. She looks like mercury glass. I decided to hold on to her awhile before selling her!
My newest bunny is from the 1950's. A stuffed, pink plush music box baby bunny with a plastic painted face. So reminiscent of my childhood, I had to have her.

On the parlor mantel I added a glass brown bunny to my vintage vanity mirror and glass bottle stoppers. He feels right at home.

On the parlor table between the wing chairs are the two little bunnies that I talked myself into keeping because I don't think they are old enough to be called vintage ;-) Actually I just can't part with them!

This bunny IS old enough to be called vintage since I have had her for as long as I can remember and she comes out every year to her place by the side table and pocket door. She loves it there in the late afternoon sun.

As you enter the living room my wooden bunny pull toy found a spot to rest in front of my large glass bottle with my cotton stems from Décor Steals and my chippy painted child's chair.

This is a unique bunny in that it is made to look like carved wood on a wooden base but the bunny is actually made of something breakable.....I found that out the hard way! She has recovered nicely.
No dismantling one or more areas to decorate.
Just tucking a bunny in here and there.
My kind of decorating!
AnnMarie   xoxo

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Thrifter's Creed

"Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail (nor migraine) shall keep the thrifter from her appointed rounds."

Obviously I changed the postal workers creed to suit the thrifter in me!

Sometimes you just get the feeling that your favorite thrift store just has something there for you and you've got to go check it out. No matter the weather. Or if said weather triggers a headache!

This week I had a yucky migraine. The barometric pressure changes here in the northeast are killing my head! By midday as it started to lift I just got this strong urge to go check out my local VOA. I hadn't been in a while and I needed some fresh things for my Etsy shop.

The first thing I spotted was this great wooden stool with a braided rug top. It is in great condition and it happened to be Manager's Special day.....30% off furniture and lamps! Plus I get the senior discount of 20% off (you only have to be 55 to be a senior there).

When I went to the counter to pay the clerk said that the stool had only been there a few days and it was waiting for me. See!! I knew I had to go!

Of course I had to see what other treasures were waiting for me.

I spotted this cute wooden bunny with a pull string. My granddaughter Chloe just loves these. She loves swinging them. She won't know about this one! It's going in  my shop.
I was so excited to see a piece of black transfer ware. It has a great flower knob on top which is repeated in the handles on the side. It is quite old with just a triangle mark on the bottom. There is one chip on the whole thing. I have to research it because I have never seen transfer ware in black in person.
This sweet folk art girl caught my eye. When I picked her up I was surprised how heavy she was. She is made of terra cotta and hand painted. The back is quite interesting. It has a hanger for the wall.
I picked up the red framed rooster on the left a while back on a thrifting day and so when I saw the Cock a Doodle Do picture I had to have it.

I think I may hang the first one in my kitchen after I am finally done painting it (yeah I am still working on the white.....took a break over the holidays!). My kitchen is cobalt blue and white and I have recently been adding in touches of this great deep red.
On my way home I stopped at a few of the thrift stores on Main St. in my town. There was a huge box of bottles outside one of them. I have a huge box that I got last Fall full of late 1800's bottles. But none of them were this color. For a $1 I had to have it to add to my bottle display in my bathroom.
I spotted this basket in the front window of another thrift store on my way out. I went on my way to another store but eventually I had to go back and get it. It was 20% off and matches my parlor perfectly. It is all silk fabrics and tiny pink and blue beads on the trim. The bunnies are a find from another trip that I am keeping for now. Too cute not to!
I am finding these days that I am keeping almost as much as I am listing! They may make their way to my shop eventually but for now I am finding great treasures to fill my home.
Is it just me or do you do that too when you are out hunting and thrifting?
AnnMarie xoxo
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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

What I Buy on Etsy

I just love selling on Etsy.

And, I love buying on Etsy too!

I find such unique and special items from Etsy shops that seem to be there just for me just at the right time. I see a lot of what I buy through searches and on the threads of the teams I belong to. I have bought from some great sellers and I just wanted to share some of my great finds with you.

My lastest find are these cute wooden bunnies. They are from Artcuts, a shop based in London, UK.

I ordered them with the string so that I could make a banner out of them. I kind of have a soft spot for bunnies.....you could say that I have a bevy of bunnies.....but none like these! I strung them all together and found a perfect spot.
My first attempt at some spring decorating even though my snow lady is still sitting around!

All winter I had been wanting a red plaid slouchy, cross body purse. I don't know why, I just did. My dreams came true. One of my favorite blogs I follow featured the handbags from Polyester and Trash in her post and I fell in love. I found my red plaid bag. It has a big sun on it made from a sack that held mixed nuts. And all the materials used are vintage!


This bag is huge. It is made of all different fabrics with the handle made out of a man's tie. There is a pocket on the inside. It fits cross body in a slouchy, funky, messenger style kind of way. I just love it.

I ordered this at the end of the summer last year from Crafted by Gale and can't wait to put it up above my new side porch door this Spring. My garden is right there so it is so apropos.

I fell in love with this muslin and tulle tree from Provencal Market and used it the last two Christmas' for decorating. I didn't want to put it away so I found a way to leave it out year round.

My husband and I run a Christian Community Arts and Cultural Center so when I found the comedy/tragedy mask ornament, they just went together. It works for me!

There are lots of shops on Etsy that offer printable downloads of great graphics. I had just started knitting prayer shawls for a ministry called the Knit Wits. My friend Bonnie, who heads it up just loves sheep and yarn and all things knitting. I just had to order this four piece printable from Lorraine's Graphiques.

 Couldn't pass this great graphic up from Cottage Rose Graphics because, well, it's me! Debbi, the shop owner added the Musings of a Vintage Junkie in for me!

This t-shirt just spoke vintage to me with the old truck. Plus grey is my new favorite color. I ordered it from Tattered Tique. It is the most comfortable t-shirt and my favorite to wear. Just ask my friends and family who saw it on me constantly last summer!
Junkin Queen, Vintage Girl, Picker, Junker, Antique Hunter (hey, I have a cool key chain inscribed with those words from Etsy bought for me as a gift by my daughter!)....whatever you want to call me, I am proud of it!

I could go on and on with many more examples but you get the picture. You can find so many things that speak directly to you and become those items you just have to have.
Okay, just one more. I just remembered this one.....
I bought it a few years ago from Mitmunk, a cool shop full of funky stuff "for the creative spirit".They specialize in some wild leggings. When I saw the cat and the 13 I had to have it. It is a nice burnout style t-shirt with a quality graphic on it.
The listing title calls it the "unlucky 13" t-shirt. But for me, 13 is not unlucky. When my husband and I were looking for a wedding date in July the only one available was the 13th. I didn't like it but wasn't going to let superstition bother me. When we got to Italy for our honeymoon I found out that 13 is considered a lucky number there. I bought a silver 13 charm to commemorate our honeymoon and now proudly wear my t-shirt with a kitty, (which I love, black or not) and 13. It definitely has become a conversation starter!
From diaper bags to a custom leather bracelet, velvet pumpkins to American Girl doll clothes, I usually find what I am looking for on Etsy when I am looking for something unique.
What do you buy on Etsy?
AnnMarie xoxo
Disclaimer: These items may or may not still be available in these shops but the shops are all currently open!

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